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register a business in edmonton alberta

A corporation possesses the powers and privileges of an individual and is created through the incorporation of a business, a process which requires the filing of key paperwork. Registering a business can be a complicated endeavour, and it’s important to have a full understanding of everything that goes into it. This will help to relieve your stress and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search report One of the documents you need to register a named corporation in Alberta is a Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search (NUANS) report, which can be purchased directly from us. To avoid naming conflicts, this comprehensive search compares the proposed name of your corporation with those of corporations in Alberta and throughout Canada. If the name you selected is not already in use, it’ll be reserved for 90 days. Registering a trade name or partnership If you’re registering a business name, you should purchase the Business Name Report instead of the NUANS. Take note of the fact that it doesn’t reserve the business name for you. There are certain constraints you should be aware of when selecting a name for your business. First, you can’t end the name with the words “limited,” “incorporated” or “corporation,” nor their abbreviations, as the terms imply that it’s a corporation. If you’re running a limited liability partnership, that term, or its abbreviation, “LLP,” must be included at the end of the business name. Necessary forms and documents You’ll also need to fill out and submit three forms to incorporate: a Notice of Directors, a Notice of Address and your Articles of Incorporation. If you’re registering a named corporation, the NUANS report, which should be less than 90 days old, will also need to be presented. Additionally, you have to provide a piece of valid ID. We’ll make sure that the forms are completed correctly and to upload the data to the system in order to create your corporation. To register a trade name or partnership, you will need to complete a declaration of tradename or partnership form. You need the full name or names of the declarant and a valid piece of id to register this type of business as well. And we are here to make sure these are filled in correctly for you. Business registration in Alberta Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Registrations Are Us is here to help you with your business registration needs. We’ll help you acquire and fill out all the necessary documents and assist you in dealing with any challenges that may arise. We offer several business-related services, including incorporating a business, changing a corporation name and dissolving a corporation. Be sure to contact us with any inquiries


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