What You Need to Renew Your Vehicle Registration

Your insurance must provide public liability and property damage coverage under an owner’s automobile insurance policy as provided for in the Alberta Insurance Act.

It is an offense punishable by law to apply for or obtain registration of a motor vehicle when it is not insured, or to operate an uninsured.

To get the expiry month of your vehicle(s), find the first letter of your last name
on the right side of the table below; the expiry month is to the left.


  • Some last names require the first two letters.
Expiry Month Last Name Begins With
January A (not Av), I, J, Ke, U, X, or Company #
February M (not Me) or Q
March B (not Be) or Y
April D or G (not Gr)
May C (not Cl) or N
June Cl, H or Sc
July Av, Be, L, Sz, V or Z
August E, Gr or R
September F, Po or T
October S (not Sc or Sz)
November K or P (not Ke or Po)
December Me, O or W


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