What You Need to Request an Alberta Lien Search

  • The vehicle identification number (for vehicle lien searches)
  • The serial number (for collateral goods searches)
  • Full name of individual or business (for debtor search)

Need help with your search? Read Service Alberta’s How to Ensure Precise Search Results.

Ways to Request Your Alberta Lien Search

What to Know About Alberta Lien Searches

A lien/debtor search request searches Alberta’s Personal Property Registry Information System database for liens or encumbrances that have been registered in Alberta against a vehicle, personal property, individual, or business.

A Lien Search only provides information on liens registered in Alberta. To search for liens only on personal property outside of Alberta, contact the jurisdiction directly or contact us for an out of province Lien Search (a fee is charged).  For additional vehicle history information from all provinces in regards to registration claims, import data, and liens, a CarProof Reports are available.

Before purchasing a used vehicle, or accepting the item as collateral, we recommend that you obtain a lien search and a vehicle history report.

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