We offer road tests 7 days a week

Road test bookings must be made in advance, in person or over the phone with a credit card deposit, as we are required to issue a road test permit upon receipt of payment. We can arrange to have you tested as soon as the next day.  Registrations Are Us has one of the lowest road test permit fees in the province.  We do not charge additional online booking service fees.

You provide your own vehicle, or you may use our late model rental car for a fee.

We ask that you come for your road test 15 minutes early; this will ensure that any paperwork needed is completed before commencement of your test.  This also ensures that road tests are completed on time. The permit you purchase is given to the examiner who will then go with you to your car. The examiner will do a brief inspection of the vehicle to make sure the brake lights, signal lights and door latches are working properly. You cannot take passengers or pets on the road test with you. If you supply your own vehicle please remember to have a valid registration certificate and valid proof of insurance.

The road test usually takes about 1/2 hour for a Class 5 test. If you do not pass the test you can take it again as soon as the next day. You will need to purchase another Road Test Permit at that time.

When you pass your road test, your Class 7 Learner’s Licence will be reclassified as a Class 5 GDL (Graduated Driver’s Licence).

The requirements for a other classes of Operator’s Licence is slightly different. There is a special knowledge test and vision test for the other classes. Before you take a road test for classes 1, 2, or 4,  you must pick up a medical examination form to be completed by your doctor.

Please Arrive 15 Minutes Before Your Scheduled Road Test to complete your paper work.

Vehicle Safety Standards Required For a Road Test

  • Lights – working brake lights, head lights, and signal lights
  • Horn – working horn
  • Speedometer – working speedometer
  • Brakes – park brakes and moving brakes must be in good working condition
  • Windshield – must provide unobstructed view
  • Tires – must have safe treat wear and safe rims
  • Seats – the driver’s and examiner’s seats must be securely fastened and have working seat belts
  • Steering – must not have excessive play
  • Exhaust – no exhaust system leaks
  • Mirrors – adequate side view and rear view mirrors
  • Fuel – enough fuel for a 60 min road test
  • Current Registration and Insurance documents

The driver examiner will inspect the vehicle for each of the above items prior to conduction the road test. If the vehicle is not deemed to be safe your road test will be cancelled and a loss of your fees will result. Road test examiners are independent contractors appointed through Alberta Transportation and are not employees of an Alberta Registry.


Alberta Road Test Eligibility

To be eligible to take an Alberta road test you must meet the eligibility requirements.

Issues that may affect your eligibility may include:

  • Reinstatement Conditions
  • Age Restrictions
  • For Class 6 tests:
    To be eligible, you must have held at least a Class 7 learners licence for a minimum of one continuous year, and be at least 16 years of age.
  • Dates of Eligibility
  • Unpaid Fines
  • Medical Conditions
  • Parent/Guardian Consent
  • Proper Documentation (Insurance, Registration, etc)
  • Condition codes
    If you have a condition code on your operator’s licence that requires you to take periodic road test examinations required by driver fitness monitoring, you may not be eligible to book online. Please contact the registry where you plan on taking your test before you book online.
  • If you are taking your road test at the request of a physician, you may not be eligible to book online. Please contact the registry where you plan on taking your road test before you book online.
  • You must hold a valid Alberta Operator’s Licence to be eligible for any road tests regardless of the class. If you have an operator’s license from another province or state, you must transfer your non Alberta operator’s licence to the Alberta equivalent before you can take your road test. Failure to comply could result in the forfeiture of all fees related to your road test. For more details and inquires please contact Registrations Are Us.

If there is any doubt to your eligibility status, please contact the registry location where you plan to take your test and confirm your eligibility status before you reserve online.

If an Alberta Registry Agent determines that you are not eligible to take your road test or you are unable to obtain a test permit for any reason, all fees paid will be forfeited.

Reinstatement Conditions

Individuals who must take their Class 5 basic road test as a reinstatement condition must first be eligible.
Usually a date of eligibility is associated with the reinstatement condition. If you plan on reserving and purchasing your road test online, you should ensure that you are eligible to take the respective road examinations, to prevent the forfeiture of your fees.

Any of the below reinstatement conditions may affect your eligibility.
To confirm your eligibility, please contact Registrations Are Us.

Explanation of Reinstatement Conditions

Reinstatement Code Explanation
2 Alberta Transportation Safety Board Suspension
3 Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVAC) Fund-Suspension
4 Provide proof that a judgement has been satisfied
6 Complete a class 5 basic road test
7 Provide satisfactory medical documentation
9 Proof of valid insurance for vehicle
10 Complete Impaired Driver’s Course #1
11 Suspension from another province (other than Alberta)
12 Complete Impaired Driver’s Course #2
13 Pay Reinstatement Fee (Alcohol Related Suspension)
14 Pay Reinstatement Fee (Non-Alcohol Related Suspension)
15 Satisfy Motor Vehicle Conditions
16 Parent or guardian has withdrawn their consent for a driver’s licence
17 Satisfy Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVAC) Fund-Registration
18 Provide proof of judgement is satisfied for vehicle registration
19 Parent or guardian has withdrawn their consent for a vehicle registration
21 Hearing Date Alberta Transportation Safety Board
25 | 26 | 27 | 28 Ignition Interlock Program Compliance
29 Administrative suspension – Please contact Alberta Justice at 780-422-5555
* Last Updated Feb 2010

To answer any questions on fulfilling any of the above reinstatement conditions, it is highly recommended to contact Registrations Are Us to confirm your eligibility.

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Why Take the Class 5 GDL Exit Road Test?

There are many reasons why you should take the GDL exit road test.
Different restrictions are associated with a class 5 GDL and class 5 non-GDL license.

Below is a comparison that highlights the differences between the class 5 GDL and non-GDL licenses as well as some advantages that may help later in life.

Demerit Accumulations

Demerits are accumulated depending on your traffic violation.
The most common cause for demerits on your license is speeding.
If you have a Class 5 GDL license, your license will be suspended after accumulating 8 demerit points.
For non GDL class 5 license holders this limit is increased to 15. A warning letter will be sent to a class 5 non GDL license holder when 8 demerits are reached.

Alcohol Limitations

Alcohol limitations are also affected by the class of license you hold.
For class 5 GDL license holders there is zero tolerance for any alcohol in your blood whatsoever while driving.
This restriction is enforced by an immediate license suspension.
A class 5 non GDL license holder is allowed a .05% blood alcohol level before a suspension may occur, although drinking and driving under any circumstances is highly discouraged.

Professional Upgrade Restriction

Another advantage to taking your class 5 GDL road test is the option to upgrade to a commercial class license.
If you hold a class 5 GDL license, you are restricted from upgrading to any professional classes.

In order to be eligible to upgrade to class 1 | class 2 | class 3 | class 4 you must take your class 5 GDL exit road test first.
Professional class license upgrade restrictions are lifted by taking the class 5 GDL exit road test. You can improve your professional driving resume and open more career opportunities by upgrading your license.

Other differences and advantages to taking your class 5 GDL exit road test.

If you are over the age of 18 and hold a class 5 GDL license you may not accompany a class 7 learners license holder while they are driving.

You must hold a class 5 GDL license for at least 2 continuous years before you are eligible to take a class 5 GDL exit road test.
Any suspensions that interrupt your driving status will affect your eligibility exit date. If there is doubt to your eligibility, please contact Registrations Are Us to confirm your eligibility status.