What You Need When Changing an Alberta Corporate Record

  • One piece of acceptable personal identification
  • Your completed corporate change/update form (Can be completed at time of filing)
    Select your form below

Corporate Change/Update Forms

Add, change or remove director
Notice of directors/change of directors

Change address for one or more directors
Notice of change of address of director(s)

Change corporation’s registered or record address
Notice of address/change of address

Add, change or remove an attorney
Notice of attorney for service or change of attorney or alternative attorney

Change an attorney’s address
Notice of change of address of registered attorney

Change a head office
Notice of change of head office

Why You Need to Keep Your Corporate Information Current

The Alberta Business Corporations Act requires that Alberta corporations keep their corporate information current by filing the appropriate corporate records update(s) within 15 days of a change.

File a change in corporate record if you’ve had a change of:

  • Directors
  • Director’s address
  • Corporate address
  • Attorney(s)

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