Once a company has been incorporated it must file a report annually to maintain its Active status. A reminder form is sent out annually by Corporate Registries prior to the anniversary of the company’s incorporation.

Filing Your Annual Return

Stay at the office:

  • Call Toll Free 1-800-563-5295
  • A Registry agent will fax/email you the Annual Return form
  • Complete the form and fax it back to us along with a photocopy of your personal identification and required credit card authorization


Stop by Registrations Are Us and a Corporate Agent will help you.

What You Need When Filing Your Annual Return

  • One piece of acceptable personal identification
  • Your Annual Return form (can be completed at time of filing)

Why Do I Need to File an Annual Return?

As a small business owner, filing an annual return is one of your most important administrative duties.

The annual return ensures your corporate information remains current with Alberta Corporate Registries. If your annual return is not filed, the corporation will ultimately be dissolved.

When to File an Annual Return

File the annual return by the last day of the month following the anniversary of the registration month. For example, if your corporation was registered in April, you should file your return by April 30.


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