A “Commissioner for Oaths” in the Province of Alberta may witness signatures on legal documents or witness a witness’s signature on legal documents such as Statutory Declarations, Land Titles Transfers, Vital Statistics Documents, Divorce Documents, etc. A “Commissioner for Oaths” may NOT perform other actions, such as certifying true copies, completion of documents, etc.

Our Commissioners are authorized to administer oaths, affirmations and solemn declarations for:

  • Damaged passport
  • Lost passport
  • Land title transfer
  • Pension documents
  • Pension applications
  • Pension waivers
  • Accountants licenses
  • Real estate licenses
  • And many more

Do I need a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public?

  • If the documents are being used within Alberta, you need a Commissioner for Oaths.
  • If the documents are being used outside Alberta, you need a Notary Public.
  • If the document needs to be “certified as a true copy”, you need a Notary Public


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