Turning 65? See What that Means for Your Health Coverage in Alberta

When you turn 65 in Alberta, your health coverage will change and you are required to change it via the government in order to receive the right type of coverage. The Government of Alberta offers premium-free Alberta Blue Cross health coverage to individuals over the age of 65 for the services that are not normally covered through the AHCIP.

Things to Know About Health Coverage Changes at 65

The premium-free coverage is automatically available to those over 65. In order to register for this coverage, you must provide proof of your age, such as furnishing a birth certificate, old age pension entitlement or an immigration record. Some additional coverage you will receive with the premium-free coverage includes:

  • Prescription Costs – You will have certain prescriptions covered with a low co-payment. For most, you will never pay more than $25 per prescription and the Alberta Health website has a full list of what prescription medications are covered.
  • Diabetic Supplies – If you are over the age of 65 and have diabetes, you will receive up to $600 in coverage per year for diabetic supplies purchased from a licensed pharmacy. This includes syringes, needles and glucose testing strips.
  • Ambulance Services – You can receive free ambulance coverage for transportation from a public, general or active treatment facility.
  • Clinical Psychologist Services – You will have coverage per visit with a maximum coverage per year for treatments for emotional or mental illness.
  • Home Nursing Care – You can receive coverage for nursing home facilities as long as they are by written under supervision of a physician.
  • Chiropractic Care – As you age, your chiropractic needs often increase. You can receive a lower co-payment and maximum coverage benefit annually for your chiropractic services.

For more information about senior health coverage, you can visit the Alberta Health website.

Changing your personal Registration is easy

If you are 65, you can quickly apply for seniors’ health coverage just by visiting Registrations Are Us in Edmonton. We offer healthcare registrations free of charge in our facility. To make your appointment move faster, you can print off and fill out the form.

Change your personal registration with Alberta by coming to Registrations Are Us. If you are not sure which documents you need to bring to apply for the seniors’ coverage, contact our health care registry experts at 780-448-2233 or contact us online for more information.


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