RV driving licence

Do I need a special driving licence to operate an RV?

The ability to travel and see the country while enjoying the comforts of home holds a special allure to many people. But while you’re dreaming about the freedom of the open road, you may also be wondering if you need a special license to drive an RV or motorhome. Find out below.

Licence requirements in Alberta 

In Alberta, a Class 5 Licence permits you to drive most 2-axle vehicles, including motorhomes, but there are certain restrictions. For example, if your motorhome has air brakes, you’ll need to have an air brake endorsement. Likewise, towing a trailer equipped with air brakes requires you to be certified. And if you have a Class 5 Graduated Driver's Licence, remember, all of the usual driving restrictions apply.

Different types of recreational vehicles 

It’s important to understand that there are different types of recreational vehicles, each with their own driving challenges. The three main types of RVs are:

  • Motorhomes. These are motorized vehicles. They range in size from smaller Class C camper vans to the larger, more luxurious, Class A motorhomes. Some Class A motorhomes are equipped with air brakes and require you to have an air brake endorsement.
  •  Fifth wheels and tow-behind trailers. These are largest type of towable RV. While they don’t require special licensing, you’ll need a vehicle with adequate towing capacity.
  •  Tent trailers. The most common type of RV, a tent trailer is light enough to pull behind the family vehicle.

While it’s not mandatory, it’s a good idea to take a course if you’ll be driving a motorhome for the first time. The added length, width and weight of larger RVs can be a challenge. Learning how to manoeuvre one before you head out on a long trip is the best way to reduce the risk of accident.

Getting the proper licence

Although not required to operate a motorhome or tow a trailer, in order to obtain a full Class 5 driver’s licence in Alberta, you need to:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old • Have proof that you live in Alberta
  • Have proof that you’re a Canadian citizen, or have the right to live in Canada
  • Have had your Class 5 GDL licence for at least two years
  • Have zero driving suspensions within the last year
  • Perform your Class 5 advanced road test at an authorized registry agent

Once you pass the advanced road test, you’ll be able to reclass your driving licence.

Registry services in Alberta

To learn more about obtaining your driving licence, operating a motorhome or the motor vehicle services offered by Registry Agents in Alberta, visit Registrations Are Us. We make applying for licensing and registering your motor vehicles convenient, fast and easy. Call us today at 780-448-2233!


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